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Pacific Diner Variations

Available in Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany and Maple, price varies by wood type

Wood or leather Seats addit

 Thin crest backThin Crest front

Pacific Thin Crest
Thinner crest and lighter spindles for a more refined look

Pacific Thin Crest or Pacific Low Back Dining Chairs

Wood Cushion seat (fabric) Wood Seat (or Leather covering)
Side Chair Arm Chair Side Chair Arm Chair
Cherry 690 810 840 960
710 840 855 980
Walnut 730 860 885 1005
E. Maple 705 830 855 985
White Oak 785 905 935 1060
  Fleur Arms

Fleur Arms
add $75
A touch of  Elizabethan styling

Low Back  frontLow Back rear
Pacific Low Back Cherry
The back is 32" tall versus the 40" of the Pacific Classic

Pacific Diner Slanted Arms
Slant Arms
Slanted down at an angle. The arms slide farther under table aprons than our standard horizontal arms.

                         Wide Pacific Diner front                                        Wide Pacific Diner rear
Wide Pacific Diner Cherry $950
A full two inches wider than the pacific Classic

Tall n Wide Pacific Diner

Tall and Wide Pacific Diner

2" wider and 2" taller

$1250 in Cherry, $1275, Sapele/mahogany, $1295 Walnut, $1495 Figured W Maple


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